preguntas más frecuentes

1. What are pneumatic and tubeless tyres and what which one do I want?

Selecting the most appropriate tyres is an important choice to consider when purchasing a pram.
Firstly pneumatic tyres are just like bicycle tyres, they are full of air and have an inner tube.
Tubeless tyres are solid and do not have air inside them.

The benefit of pneumatic tyres is that the air adds suspension, creating a superior push and enhancing the experience of the parent and child.

However if these tyres are not appropriate for your lifestyle and concern about puncture is at the top of your list, we would suggest the tubeless tyres.

The benefit of tubeless tyres is that they will never puncture or deflate because they are solid. Another benefit of tubeless is that they are lighter in weight than pneumatic.

2. Why should I buy a bassinet for my pram/stroller?

Most of our range of prams and strollers are able to accommodate a bassinet. We design our products this way because we believe it is the safest, easiest and most comfortable way transport a newborn in a pram or stroller.

A bassinet enables the newborn to lie horizontally, facing the parent and secured in place by a Velcro seatbelt across the tummy.

3. What's all the fuss about reversible seats?

A pram seat which can face in two directions is a fantastic feature that many parents love. The seat can face the parent and then can quite easily be switched to face the other direction.

Parents are very keen to have the seat of a pram or stroller facing them while walking. Many people believe that eye contact with their child is very important and helps develop the bond between parent and child.

However the child may be curious and want to look out of the pram into the world in front. The reversible seat is ideal for accommodating the desires of the child.

4. What is an infant carrier, baby capsule or a travel system?

These products are not produced by Valco Baby but are essential products for transporting a newborn in a car. These products are usually purchased and the base is pre-secured in the back seat of the car.

Some of these products are able to be removed from the car and securely placed in a pram. This is ideal for babies who have fallen asleep in the car and need to be relocated to a pram.

This practice is also a more efficient way of doing short shopping trips.

5. What is a Travel System Adapter and what does it do?

A Travel System Adapter (TSA) is a piece of metal that can be secured into any of our range of prams. The TSA is designed to accommodate three types of infant carriers; Britax Safe-n-Sound, Babylove Snap’n Go and Maxi Cosi Micro.


To find out which TSA is suited to each pram, visit our accessory page and use the refined search.

6. What is the difference between the Prima bassinet and the Viva bassinet?

The Prima and Viva bassinets are very similar, substantial and secure bassinets. The main differences between these two products are installation.

The Viva can only be installed on a pram once the pram seat has been removed. It comes across as very streamline and minimal. It also comes with a few included accessories which are a raincover and insect mesh.
There is also a great function where the upper section of the mattress tilts upwards to encourage babies to look out.

The Prima is installed very differently. The bumper bar is removed and replaced with a bassinet adapter (comes with bassinet). The seat section of the pram must be reclined so the Prima is slid into the seat and held securely in place by the bassinet adapter. The mattress in the Prima is very thickly padded and comes with a fitted sheet.

To view what these bassinets look like on prams, visit the Accessories page.